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Welcome to The Bloody Ravens Fellow Crow!

We are 'Raven Company' a 23rd Pandaemonium Archon detachment legion, led by an Ancient daeva, Brigade General Shiita Sicure. We do our mission and we fight the sun-cursed Elyos. When not performing missions or fighting the blight on our land we are working together to further ourselves as a military faction and as team mates.
Do you have what it takes to be a bloody raven?

Blood for Blood

Guild News


Shiita1, Nov 7, 10 2:04 AM.
This legion will not be deleted but due to recent ponderings between myself, and the centurions as well as non officers we've decided that it would be the best for all of us to merge with another. While we love bloody ravens and we will forever be of the raven company, it has taken us some time to come to this conclusion.

We will be merging with Disciples of Shadow.

While the br legion will still exist, ICly it will be disbanded. If you do not wish to be a part of DoS you are free to move on elsewhere, but know that you will be welcomed into their ranks if you have no issues with them.

Details will be worked out slowly as this will be played out ICly in increments.

Thank you all so much for sticking with us, and I apologize to any and all that had been making plans to join at some point or another.

-Brigade General Shiita Sicure

Ravens Company Sweepout

TabbieCat, Oct 30, 10 1:53 PM.
In order to properly assess who the active members of the legion are, I, Tabbie, will begin a post on the website that everyone must respond to. Anyone who does not respond to the post in three weeks time will be deleted from the legion. Shiita is the final deciding authority to additions and deletions from the Ravens Company. Our legion has much to work on so that we can prosper, both RP-wise and In-Game-Wise. Because of recent events, I find this step to be necessary if we are to reorganize and come together as a legion. Please don't see this as ousting people from the legion, but more of a cleanup of numbers to see where the amount of the core players lie.

Everyone has worked so hard to make this legion the way it is. But I'm afraid that we can no longer be a casual RP legion. The community demands organization, people like to go to meetings and gatherings and events. So I've decided that, with everyone's help, we can make this happen. I will begin having regular meetings. We'll host legion-exclusive events and gatherings. I notice that many members of our legion roleplay with specific individuals, and that's completely fine. But if it causes endo-legionary problems and creates a barrier between legionmates, we must be cautious of how things are played out. No one likes IRL drama.

I don't want to sound dickish about this. Maybe I'm saying things the wrong way. I really like our core players and wish to keep every single one of you in this legion. But the fact of the matter is, people have moved on. People have quit playing Aion altogether. I would like to identify those people and have us focus on creating a strong core for this RP legion. So deleting them is one step closer to getting the numbers of ACTIVE players to our legion at a maximum percent.

Gran Battalia

Shiita1, Oct 3, 10 7:59 AM.
"Gran Battalia- our PvP-RP tournament, has been announced to ARP and sign-ups are underway! Prepare yourselves, Ravens!"

DoS Alliance

Shiita1, Aug 12, 10 1:18 PM.
We have been semi-allied with Disciples of Shadow for a while now, but it is a bit more official as it were, since we played it off ICly.

Disciples of Shadow's Brigade General ss Kazuya in-game if you are wondering and he has many "archons" though a few you may or may not notice right off the bat. If you see a DoS member, they are our brethren-in-arms so treat them as such. This will be brought up in the next meeting ICly, but know this oocly and if you can't make the meeting, let me know so I can send you an ICly in-game letter touching up on things you missed in the meeting, unless you wish to ICly learn of what you missed by means of those that attended.

But just remember to not be disrespectful to a DoS member since that will make this legion look bad and we are not villians, we are not RUDE we are soldiers of asmodae to fight and protect our lands, so act like it. ICly you were all either recruited or transferred with these facts ICly being told (or should have been) so represent the ravens with pride but don't be cocky. If you're character is the opposite of that, try to at least restrain yourself a little, haha.
I don't want our alliance with them to be torn apart by a bloodthirsty legionnaire because unfortunately that WILL be grounds for ICly being booted from the legion. So if you're character has issues trying to "fit-in" with the legion, then you best start making another toon to take his/her place or start getting some story progression on. :3

Just keep in mind to treat the DoS oocly and ICly as allies, they have treated us well and have been incredibly reliable for us so far, lets not let them down in return.

Blood for Blood
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